It comes in oh-so many flavors, and it sounds like this:
  • I should be farther along by now
  • should want to keep moving up the corporate ladder
  • should be excited for what's coming not overwhelmed
  • I should be debt free
  • I should be able to do it all
  • I should be happy in my life

At the root of should is comparison.  It could be comparing to a social norm, your parents ideals, your peers, or people on social media.  What it robs you of is a vision of YOUR perfect life and prevents you from taking action to get there.  

The good news??  Life doesn't have to be this way. 

You have the power to free your self from who you think you 'should' be and start writing the manual for your unique and joyous life.

Are you guilty of should-ing on yourself?

letting go of should  improved my life...

I'm ready!

While we're not fully there yet, we're on the road. And it's something my husband and I work on together. Budgeting, saving, investment strategy, planning for big life events (like starting a biz!)... we've learned a lot together. It has been one of the biggest transitions for us as a couple.  And for me as a person who was 'not good with money.'  Now, I love supporting clients on their own journey to change their financial life. 

financial independence


I started riding horses as a child and continued through college. After that, I thought work, finances and life obligations made it impossible. It wasn't until I turned 40 that I put my excuses aside (with the help of coaching!) and fulfilled my dream of riding again.   

riding horses

my hobby

🤍 Eating ice cream
🤍 Snuggling with my dogs
🤍 Hearing my kids laugh
🤍 Drinking a good glass of wine
🤍 Listening to an audio book
🤍 Singing along to George Strait
🤍 Time alone (hello, introvert!)
🤍 Hugs from my hubby

my happy place


I don't just say this because I am a coach and love coaching and how it helps you manage your thoughts! It's seriously just my biggest struggle.  I still get coached on it today - it is a lifelong journey.  I am working on trusting myself and taking action instead of dwelling in my head.  I know many who read this will be able to relate - the struggle is real!


biggest struggle

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