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I could not be more excited to launch The Corporate Introvert and use my 18+ years of corporate experience to help accelerate your career!

Here on the blog, we will cover several key topics to help you crush-it in your corporate career.

Blog Topics at The Corporate Introvert

  • Introvert Insights: Tips especially for introverts on navigating the corporate world
  • Career Vision & Plan: Dreaming up and writing down your vision, and making a plan to execute it
  • Career Development: Managing the day-to-day of growing in your career
  • Personal Development: Better understand yourself, your personality, and strengths to improve every aspect of life
  • Leadership: Learn about leading, how to grow into a leadership role, and indirectly influence teams
  • Work Relationships: Whether they are good ones or bad ones, we’ll discuss navigating people relationships at work.

Check back weekly to get the most recent articles and updates!

After all, you shouldn’t do work alone.

Yes… I’m talking to you, my fellow introverts. Go and take the next step. And lean in with the support of a coach and a tribe of like-minded women. It can make this journey a hell of a lot easier – and maybe even fun.

I look forward to hearing from you, and getting your feedback on the biggest challenges you face in your corporate career. Let’s do this.

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