7 reasons why Introvert’s need a coach to achieve career success now

As an introvert, networking has always been challenging.  It doesn’t matter if is a large group conference or a one-on-one chat with a leader I admire.  This issue also kept me from seeking out mentors for the majority of my career.  I went way too long suffering through obstacles and my jumbled thoughts on my own, trying to sort out my career solo while desperately wishing I had guidance.

This is the main reason I became a coach.  It is the main reason why I help introverted women overcome limiting beliefs to succeed in their careers.

So… what is a career success coach?

I am the mentor you have been looking for but have been too afraid to find.

If you are like me, finding a mentor through networking or office connections may be challenging.  Working with a coach?  This is a relationship that is all your choice and on your terms, with many of the same benefits.  And some extra benefits to boot.

Here are the top ways a coach can help Introverts:

  • A coach is an independent and unbiased opinion. Working with someone within your company has perks.  They know the people and the politics.  But it can also come with pressures that keep you from feeling comfortable being your authentic self or bringing up your true obstacles.  These challenges don’t exist with an independent coach.
  • A coach expands your perspective.  Have you ever traveled somewhere new, and discovered something different & amazing?  You would never have imagined this special thing while at home, sitting on your couch doing the same things you do every day.  Coaching?  It’s like guided travel to new places.
  • A coach helps you move past your personal ceiling.  A belief is a thought you keep thinking.  A limiting belief is a thought you keep thinking about what you are capable of achieving, doing, or being.  These limiting beliefs convince you that you are not meant to be great – that it is too hard to achieve your dreams.  I’m here to show you that all your dreams are possible if you just think about them differently.
  • A coach provides clarity.  Sometimes situations get muddled and mixed up.  When you are in the middle, it’s hard to sort the top from the bottom.  It’s like that saying – you can’t see the forest for the trees.  A coach helps identify the issues and helps you look at options for a path forward.  A coach also sees your growth and helps you see it, too.
  • Working with a coach increases your knowledge.  The goal is to give you the tools to achieve success in your career, not to tell you what to do to be successful.  This builds knowledge that will serve for years to come.
  • A coach is in your corner.  We all need a cheerleader.  It sounds cheesy, but having someone who is rooting for your success no matter what is a game-changer.  Sometimes it’s just hearing “you aren’t the only person with this obstacle.”  Other times it is an encouragement to keep moving forward when you feel like quitting.  
  • With coaching, you achieve personal growth.  Even though coaching specifically about achieving your career goals you will grow as a person.  The biggest obstacle we all have is our minds.  A coach can help you change patterns of thinking, to achieve lasting change and progress.

Success is Relative

The only limits you have are the limits you believe.


My definition of success is probably different than yours.  And that is amazing!  We all have our own goals and desires.  This diversity creates the wonderful world that we live in.  But whether you want to figure out how to be CEO or target improving your presentation skills, you are going to need someone who can help you see beyond where you are today.  A career success coach can help you achieve the success you desire.  

So tell me, what has your experience been with mentoring at your corporate job?  What are your biggest barriers to success?  Leave a comment below.

Are you ready to achieve career success with the help of coaching? Learn more about my programs here.

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