You are not alone!

Are you tired from trying to have it all?

I help exhausted working moms navigate the challenges and emotions that come with balancing life and career.

You are not alone.

Ready to Get your energy back in the next 30 days?

This checklist will give you a proven framework to fast-track your results so you can start feeling more energized... even if you don't have a lot of free time!

I Want to Know...

→ Do you find purpose and fulfillment in your career, but feel guilty about putting your child in someone else’s care daily?

→ Do you feel stressed, and frustrated carrying the load of being a “good” mom, partner, house manager, employee and boss?

→ Are you in constant overwhelm from taking care of everyone else, leaving no time for you?

→ Have you been secretly scanning LinkedIn Job postings, tying to figure out if a job change will “make things easier" - only to feel more confused and frustrated?

→ Do you have an internal voice telling you things can be better?

→ Have you been beating yourself up about your lack of motivation to do something, thinking that if you just made that *one* change you will be happy?

Meet jessica

Hi, I'm Jessica Yancey

and I have been in your shoes...

I'm a Life and Leadership Coach, former F500 Executive Leader, mom of two, fire wife, lover of hockey, animals (and ice cream!) dedicated to helping working moms find peace and create a fulfilling life they love.

It’s my personal mission to help working moms break free from the all the “should dos” that society, your parents, and Instagram push and instead, confidently step into their own unique, fulfilling, harmonious, fun, and joyful life. My greatest wish for you is that you can embrace your unique identity, get your energy back, find a satisfying balance with your career, and consciously create a life you love.

Because I believe that your kids need YOU to show up as in YOUR BEST SELF. It is the best gift you can give.

about Jessica

I Believe That...

→ Whether your greatest desire is to be more present with your kids, or to make time for yourself, or to find balance between life and career goals -- personal growth is the greatest gift that mothers can give to their families.

→ Being a working mom can get really overwhelming and lonely without a support system.

→ Having a bad morning or bedtime shouldn't make you question all of you decisions or punish yourself for "doing it wrong."

Every ambitious career-driven woman experiences moments of doubt when they become a mom.  No one thinks they will lose themselves in the motherhood journey, yet it's easy to start drifting as you try to keep all the pieces together.

there is nothing wrong with you.

You just need to reconnect.

I believe that you & Me... We're each meant for a fulfilling life.

there is nothing wrong with you. 
You just need to reconnect.

it's time to transform your life

you landed here becaUse something inside is telling you there is more...

In less than 90 days, your life could look completely different.

Imagine what it would feel like to lighten you mental load and have more brain-space. To not be exhausted all the time. To feel confident in your decisions. Or to make time for self care 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘵 feeling selfish. And to enjoy your family and create precious moments with your kids.

This could be you. Living a life filled with intention and joy is available to all moms. You just have to choose it.

I give you a blueprint to fast-track reclaiming your energy and time by aligning to the things that matter most. Ditch the guilt and leave overwhelm behind, while creating a satisfying balance between caring for yourself, your family, and your career. I’ve seen it happen many times and I know it is possible for you. Just the fact that you are reading this right now tells me you are ready for a to make a change in your life.

Let's do this!

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What clients are saying

"Jessica was the exact coach I needed through a huge life transition. Her coaching helped me 'reset' and remind me of my purpose and values...(she) helped me tap into the intention and passion I knew I had in me to move towards my goals."

Stephanie l.   ▪️   Kansas City, mo

"Jessica's coaching style and personal nature allowed me to explore my thoughts in a safe space. She helped me navigate a decision to close a chapter of my life and confidently step forward. I haven't looked back!"

Emaan M.   ▪️   Austin, tx

"I look forward to the times I speak with Jessica, knowing she will help me work through my cluttered mind and help me find the confidence I need to take the next step forward. "

kerbie c. ▪️ colleyville, tx

"If you're looking for someone to help you unpack where you are versus where you want to be, I highly recommend a coaching conversation with Jessica."

kalin m. ▪️ seattle, wa