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free yourself from who you think you 'should' be and start living your own unique & joyous life

My Story

I help quiet high achievers move past status quo.   

This comes when you move away from a life of hustling and juggling, into a life aligned with your true and unique desires.  You transform from being driven by thoughts of "I should..." to "I want to..." and "I get to..." 

This shift is powerful & liberating.

No – I’m not selling magic. We won’t teleport you immediately to a new, perfect life. This is work. And there is no perfect place to land. It isn’t the same for everyone – it is personal. It’s the beauty of life. No two of us are exactly the same nor have we had the same experiences and influences… so why do we try to shove ourselves into someone else’s box?  You can do better.

life & Transitions Coach

I'm Jessica Yancey

what change is calling you?

what is calling you?

you landed here becaUse something inside is telling you there is more...

Is it that you can’t shake the feeling that you aren’t fulfilling your purpose? Maybe you started something new and quit, but the desire still burns strong. Maybe you’re just tired of being tired and know something has to change.

I know first-hand that change can be hard when you try to go-it alone – even for high achieving, driven, quietly bad-ass women. 

Whether it’s a major life change or a small shift that you need, I can help you get there.  We can do this together.

Let's do this!

Kansas City, MO

— Stephanie L.

"Jessica was the exact coach I needed through a huge life transition.  Her coaching helped me 'reset' and remind me of my purpose and values...(she) helped me tap into the intention and passion I knew I had in me to move towards my goals."

testimates of truth

Austin, TX

— Emaan M.

Jessica's coaching style and personal nature allowed me to explore my thoughts in a safe space. She helped me navigate a decision to close a chapter of my life and confidently step forward.  i haven't looked back!

Colleyville, TX

— Kerbie C.

I look forward to the times I speak with Jessica, knowing she will help me work through my cluttered mind and help me find the confidence I need to take the next step forward. 

Seattle, WA

— Kalin M.

"If you're looking for someone to help you unpack where you are versus where you want to be, I highly recommend a coaching conversation with Jessica."

wisdom to live by

— mooji

"what you learn, you can forget.  but what you are, you can never not be."